Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Edinburgh in the Afternoon

That afternoon we found visited a few more things in Edinburgh. For example there was this cemetery that someone told us had the grave of Adam Smith in it.

We looked for the grave for a really long time.

It is a pretty church yard. And they had these little bricks that lead you to the grave, except they disappeared and we stull couldn't figure out where the grave was.

We did see a seagull that was nesting on the grounds.

After a lot of searching we finally found the grave. it was much bigger than we expected and right next to the church.

We passed some antique book stores with cool prints in the windows.

There was this cat orchestra too.

Then it was off to our little room. We walked along Cowgate and there were a few themed shops. There was this one bar with all these cows in the window filled with hay bales and a guy singing Bob Dylan.

We also passed this bar in a church called Sin.

Edinburgh was full of interesting places and people!

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