Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Contemporary Art

So we went to the next building and saw some really cool newer stuff. There was photography by Jonathan Owen.

This military figure has a pretty clear political statement.

There was a whole room of Charles Avery, who invented his own land where the natives had their own traditional dress and were colonized by another group.

This was a fun  installation that had to do with Divine and the film Female Troub;e. The piece is supposed to be a room at a particular time in the early 70s. There is a script of what the characters would do and say. The room was dirty and full of  grungy stuff from the time period.

Another huge piece had all these animals and Appalachian music.

As we were leaving we saw this video clock which had people moving the red pieces in order to keep the clock at the correct time.

When we left the museum, we were hungry so we set out to find a place to eat.

We found this place that gives its profits to charity and they had really good food!.

I got this yummy curried seafood salad.

This was in the newer part of town- a part wehadn't seen too much of.

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