Thursday, 22 January 2009

New Drawing Class

Now that the new semester has started, I have decided to try and sit in on a drawing class. Our current project is a contour drawing and we have had to do several versions. Here is the first one.

We started off using quarter sheets.

We were supposed to do detail versions.

So here are a few more versions.

Then we had to make them more abstract.

Saturday, 3 January 2009

In Memoriam

My puppy died yesterday. When I say puppy, it is a bit of an exaggeration. He was 16 years old and died of organ failure from old age. Nonetheless here is a picture of him the day before he died. Still a fine, handsome guy!

I miss you, Bart!

Friday, 2 January 2009

Holiday Photos

My family is always late with everything. When we buy Birthday gifts we feel like we are on time if we get them mailed within six months of the date in question (And somehow its always within six months one way or the other, you know what i mean? So you can imagine how long I've waited for gifts - sometimes for years!And I'm just as bad as everybody else in my bloodline!)

Well, because I just got back from Japan - I just couldn't bear the idea of traveling anymore - not to the Twin Cities, not grandma's and certainly not 1300 miles down to Texas to overeat and feel disappointed about the holidays. Besides my family couldn't even agree when to celebrate. I usually hold out for Solstice, but of course I wasn't back yet. No one wants to wait for Chinese New Year, but we weren't organized enough to celebrate on the actual holiday. As it turned out, Violet had gotten a job at a theater and so we couldn't celebrate until the 30th of December anyway - when they finally gave her more than 12 hours off in a row.

All these complications converged and eventually we decided to do a family gathering via that internet miracle - Skype.

We got our settings straight and then Uncle Rabbi Bob adjusted the camera and we were off.

It turned out to be a whole lot of fun!

Almost as good as being down there for the holidays

- and even better no opportunity to fill up on unhealthy treats that made me feel bloated and miserable.

People were good about showing us which gift was being opened

and letting us know what the gifts were...

It was light-hearted and fun and sure beat sitting at home on the couch and watching Fred Astaire and Bing Crosby doing reruns of "Holiday Inn" on TV.I really felt like I was there.

Looks like my sister felt the same way!

Of course now that its over I don't know what to do - hmm I guess I could check out what is on TV.