Wednesday, 22 October 2014

August 30 Afternoon 3 More Edinburgh Museums

So we headed back into town and did a little looking around.

The wrought iron at this cafe was magnificent!.

And what other kind of dog would you expect to see in Edinburgh?!

Every major city seems tohave a ferris wheel in it.

As we walked over the bridge we got to hear some really cool contemporary bagpipe rock.

I don't know if you can tell from the picture, but the band jumped up and down as they played (did the pogo.) So did some of the audience.

We passed this monument that seemed very Games of Thrones-y. Then headed on past the Writer's museum, which we decided to visit quickly.  The court yard had quotes from various poets, many of which I found particularly moving.

We couldn't take pictures in the museum, so I borrowed some from the net.

The building used to be inhabited by Sir Walter Scott (I think) and featured him, Robert Louis Stevenson and Robert Burns. They had mannequins inside showing the rooms.

This is what the interior looks like.

 Then we headed further down the Royal mile and looked at some of the buskers. This statue in front of the church had new head gear.

 I had seen this woman earlier giving a political speech, but today she was spinning and asking for money for a charity.

We decided to visit the (Common) People's museum, the only museum devoted to the working person.

There were artifacts, tableaux and weird things to be seen.

I loved the political cartoons!

We also visited  the City Museum across the street. It had some interesting stuff too. 

Aren't those mugs cool!? This is a picture from Buckingham palace in 1905.

There was an exhibit on Greyfriars Bobby.


This tureen was part of the ceramics manufactured in Edinburgh and it was gigantic.

Next we went to the Scottish National museum. It had a bunch of cool stuff too.

It looked all Crystal Palace-y.

Of course I was interested in the medieval stuff.

They had mummies too!

This was a rather disturbing tureen!

We went to the cafe because we were tired and had tea and cake.

It refreshed us enough that after the museum closed we could still do a bit of sight-seeing (after all our bus wouldn't leave until after dark.)

The weather had gotten gorgeous!

We decided to go see Greyfriars Bobby for real. On the way we saw this bridal bachelors party. (This is from the back.)

There's the real deal. Obviously the thing to do was touch the nose for luck.

Violet did great!

Somehow, I too managed!

Violet was ecstatic to see the cafe where J.K. Rowling did her writing.

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