Saturday, 25 October 2014

A Pilgrimmage to Canterbury Sept 13 (Part 1)

So on Saturday September 13, we headed off to Canterbury and Oxford in a motor coach. The weather was changeable, sometimes nice and sometimes gray, but the experience was marvelous!

We passed some interesting things on the way - a pub where a famous boxing match originated. (Can't remember the name now alas.)

To me this is very typical of the landscape outside of London.

Of course we had a rest stop and look at that! 

Yup, an English bulldog, who knew how adorable he was!

 The town still bears the imprint of its medieval past.

But there are more modern  visions too.

Aren't these lovely griffin supports!

There were half-timbered houses in evidence here and there.

And of course a place for medieval pilgrims to find hospitality.

and a place for modern pilgrims to find hospitality, too!

The cathedral awaited!

The medieval ceilings are quite famous here.

Inside there were many tombs of important people.

and memorials.

The cloister walk was gorgeous.

We had arrived on the day of the Hop hoodening - the blessing of the hops - so it was a little crazy inside the church, but also there was more to see!

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