Thursday, 16 October 2014

An Edinburgh Ghost Tour

 So, we had just passed the Robert Louis Stevenson memorial on our way to a bus tour of Edinburgh.

It was getting nice and dusky, so who ya gonna call?

The Ghost bus tours... of course. This is a London necrobus brought to Edinburgh for ghost tours.

The  decor was (well what else?) gothic . There were tables with cute little lamps in front and regular seats in back. Our host was a very interesting little guy!

He did spooky well.

We toured all the places where people had been wronged and died and heard the stories of their returns to bother the living. (We also got to pass by the famous tourist sights of Edinburgh.)

I'd forgotten for instance that Greyfriars Bobby was from Edinburgh.

The story of the faithful dog is absolutely heartbreaking.

This is Arthurs' seat in the dusk as we drove by.

Our host also told us the story of Maragaret Dickson a woman who killed her illegitimate baby shortly after it was born and was sentenced to hanging in 1724.

She was removed from the gallows in the Grass market and taken away in a cart where she revived unexpectedly. At the time they did not have the expression until dead in the sentence for hanging, so she was reprieved and lived a good long life with the moniker "half-hangit Maggie".

This is a memorial to the gallows and people who died there in the Grass market square.
Nearby is a Maggie Dickson's pub in her honor.

As we walked home that night we passed by the Grass market thinking about poor Maggie's experiences. 

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