Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Fun Tuesday - Some Things Take A Little Longer

Okay, I'm late on this. I'm leaving for Japan tomorrow and yesterday wasn't such a good day, everything I needed to get done turned into several other things that didn't get done.

I did however want to respond to this Fun Monday topic because I have a very fond memory form my childhood that pertains to useless trivia. In Elementary school we carpooled with our math teacher and her children. We sang goofy songs and had a marvelous time, and every morning this wonderful, wonderful person would ask us a trivia question to be answered the next day. One of the ones I remember best was what is the gestation period of an elephant. I'll never ever forget that it is 22 months.

Friday, 22 August 2008

Ren Faire Acquisitions

My spousal unit is fortunate to have a birthday right around the time of our local Renaissance Festival. This means that between birthday money and the generosity of relatives, he scores big time in the gift department. Of course we do have a favorite boutique at the fair and we have found some marvelous couture to jazz up our Autumn wardrobes. DC Aunt gifted him with this gorgeous purple and blue jacket:

Here is another view:

These items come from a designer named Marla Ferrara - Her store is called Lost Art Leather and I highly recommend her work if you happen to be in Colorado or see her at a Renaissance Festival. Her clothing is high quality and flattering.

The other side of the family was just as generous to spousal unit D and gave him this wonderful dark blue jacket:

And naturally I couldn't resist getting into the action either. I was rather extravagant buying myself this green jacket.

I love the fact that this year's designs have a high linen content. The texture is marvelous and the linen absorbs the colors to fullest saturation.

I couldn't live without this purple and green jacket either, so it came home with us too.

Looks like this year we can expect lots of Fall color

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Renaissance Festival

Well, we made it to Renaissance Festival last weekend! It was wonderful fun. Here is just a glimpse of the two of us there. (More to come I hope!)