Saturday, 20 November 2010

Winter's Here!

Well we had the first snowfall of the year and although it got warmer afterwards, now we have had a cold front move in and it doesn't look like it is likely to warm up again - so it seems like Winter has arrived.

The first snow is usually quite lovely.

Unfortunately when it sticks it also prevents the sun from being absorbed by the earth and thus reflects any heat from the sun back into the atmosphere. The result is even colder temperatures.

It's cold out there and we may have the coldest thanksgiving in over 21 years.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

I get it!

After years of thinking that all people deserve equal opportunities and that government should help protect the rights of the disadvantaged and needy, I finally get it. Some people are simply better than others and more deserving. Those people deserve the advantages over others that they have worked so hard for. If you own a business and contribute to consumer culture you deserve more. If you are out of a job you must be inferior and less deserving than those that know how to earn money and keep our nation running. It makes sense - we should not be supporting those that don't contribute to the economy. If you are sick, you must deserve to be so and why should you be educated or fed or treated medically on our dime, if you were worthy, you would earn the money to get your own education, health care and food. We should not subsidize education, food stamps, programs that protect the environment, because people that benefit from these things have not contributed their fair share. It is every person for himself and may the best man win. Never help your enemy when he is down and he will never come back to challenge you. Do only what gives you the maximum power and leverage, let the weak worry about the problems you create later (much later.) I think I finally understand. Since (as Garrison Keillor notes) we are all above average, this system should work quite well. I guess we'll find out very soon. After ME the deluge. You guys find your own life rafts, you're going to need them.