Sunday, 19 October 2014

Last Day in Edinburgh - Morning August 30

It was time to check out of our bed and breakfast, but of course since we were taking the night bus home, we would have another whole day to spend in Edinburgh. We packed up and had our last breakfast in the inn.

We said goodbye to our host and his trainee. Heard our last swing music played on the computer while we dined - Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong,  Sunday Kind of Love etc.

We left our bags to pick up later and went out to explore some of Edinburgh's museums.

We passed lovely and not so lovely sights on the way.

And headed off to see the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Arts.

We got there before it opened, so we explored the grounds a bit. The outdoor sculpture area had some amusing pieces.

The museum itself looked very "modernist" or even earlier.

There was a cemetery at the edge of the building that contrasted with the modern sculptures in the garden.

We watched a dog (forbidden on the premises) playing with his stick until the guard came and sent him and his people away and then it was time to go in and look at some art.

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