Friday, 3 October 2014

Afternoon in Edinburgh

Our afternoon was spent strolling around the town, shopping and just enjoying the sights.  There is roughly a (Scottish) mile between the Castle on the west and Holyrood Palace at the east end of town, where all the action (except for the Scottish National museum is.) One of the first places we visited was a shopping mall with a working  weaving shop beneath it. They had people weaving various tartans on these huge industrial looms.

It was quite fascinating to watch as they changed colors and trimmed ends and the machines made an infernal racket!

Then it was outside to just look at  whatever interestedus.

We were there for the end of the Fringe festival, so there were all kinds of buskers and unique people, like this woman.

She is evidently in the Guinness Book of World Records for having the most facial piercings of anyone.

Then there was this guy who shared her color themes but in a different way.

 I guess this is what the well-dressed Scottish bride and groom wear these days.

We were tired after shopping and watching the performers so we stopped in at Clarenda's Tea Room. This was a place recommended to me by a colleague and it was absolutely amazing.

This was our waitress. She was completely stressed out  most of the time we were there, so I never did get a good picture.

The cakes and biscuits however were quite willing to pose for me. (And oh my gosh were they ever good. We decided to order several different things.)

The decor was adorable, full of old timey photos and china.

We behaved and started off with some delicious and healthy carrot and squash soup.

but then of course our will power failed. This may be the tastiest scone I have had in all of the U.K.

Violet appreciated the tea, although for me it was just the background for the pastry artistry.

I've had request for shots of me, so here is the powder room and it's occupant.

We so enjoyed our visit here. I willhave to look for a similar place in London.

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