Tuesday, 26 September 2017

This week's prints

I'm not that thrilled with these - didn't use a pencil which is my strongest area for this, and have too many lines in these prints.  The first here is my second print.

Updates - Knitting and Morning Glories

Here is my current knitting project:

I like the back (horizontal piece)  better than the front.

Today the morning glories were very floriferous.

And zinnias in the garden:

Applied Process Prints

So here are last week's art class prints. (The first one is always better than the second, even though I am trying to improve onthe first one, I guess I get tired and don't have the patience for the second one!)

Friday, 22 September 2017

I thought I couldn't grow morning glories...

Now they are growing everytwhere!
(And I mean everywhere!):

Even in my garage!

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Prints for today - based on a Degas Monoprint.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Ho Hum ....another self portrait assignment in another art class

A favorite assignment in Art classes seems to be self portraits. I know I should have assembled a collection of objects that represent who I feel I am, but I took what I thought would be the easy way out - yet another realitic representation. This time though I decided to use pen and ink (something Iam not so good at.)  I did at least 4-5 images that were so awful that I couldn't bear to look at them. They made me look so old and ugly.  Finally I got one that made me look like Anton von Leewenhoek, so, since I was thoroughly tired of drawing my self, I just pasted it into my journal and had done with it.  Today I decided to try one more time. Here is the microbiologist:

 I am certainly not that attractive, but I liked it better than the versions that made me look like Baba Yaga.

I think this one is more accurate.

Yup, that is pretty much me!

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Taking a Print Making class - first efforts

So, I'm sitting in on a print-making class and we did drapery today. Here are my three attempts today.

When I first did the above one. I was very dissatisfied, but the more I look at it now (especially after the second two, the more I like it, There is a quality of "ink" appkication that I really like. I felt like the pieces didn't hold together. It certainly does not look like draperies, but I actually feel like the pieces do connect in a meaningful way that suggests volume, even if they don't look like fabric and I like the image much better.

The image below was my second attempt. The sense of drapery is stronger. I fudged a bit on the white part (the original image did not have any lines on it. I used more line and used my brush to be sure that there were more striaght lines. I also took the image off the model and painted onto the glass looking at the image separately (rahter thanunderneath it, so I could see how the ink layered on the glass.

Both images feel quite abstract, but they do have a sense of volume and interconnectedness.

Unfortunatley the third image is compositionally inferior. I was freer in terms of what I used in the image and completely invented the right side of the image andit shows. It looks sloppy and generally boring. The left side also just sort of hangs off the page. I think I owuld like it better if it were compositionally more interesting.