Thursday, 23 October 2014

A London Bus Tour

On September 7, we went on a city bus tour. We passed the furniture store again.

It was Sunday morning, but the road crews were hard at work early in the day!

The bus took us by many sculptural monuments.

 This park had some cool sculptures!

And another sculpture in a park!

We passed some pretty famopus London Icons.

This one isn't famous, but it stands out.

This is St martin in the Fields. Their choir has sung at our institution.

This is St Mary Le Bow, I think. If you are born within the sound of this church you are a cockney.

This is the London Dungeon. (A ride)

This is London City Hall.  And that other building is pretty recognizable on its own!


The skyline has become quite updated and with it!

Here's the Wellington arch.

I don't know what building this is, but it is pretty.

They still have horse cabs in parts of London.

And of course there will always be bull dogs!

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