Monday, 25 July 2016

A Trip to George West

My sister has some property out in the west, so we sent a lovely time out in the brambles and scrub watching wildlife and enjoying time together.

The drive from Houston always offers many contrasts. We left the city life of Houston and headed out  west.

Of course no trip to Texas is complete without a trip to Buc-ees.

Saw this sparrow at a barbecue place.

This kitty was across the street.

 and there were nice views of rural life in general.

We ate at this burger place owned by Carlos Garcia.

George West has this mural on one of the buildings.

And this is evidently a famous long horn.

This is what we saw before we got to the weekend dacha.
Next blog will show some of hte wildlife that we were able to see.

Trip to Texas

I will try to get back to my New York visit again laer, but in the mean time I took a short trip to Texas to visit my family and so I htought I would put up some images from that.

Originally I was going to drive, but after a sleepless night I changed my mind and got a ticket on Spirit airlines. I was a bit  trepidatious, because I had heard bad things about the airline, and they do indeed try to  nickel and dime you to death with additional charges for baggage, seats etc. BUT I do have to say I was pretty impressed with the airline and they are cute and I had no difficulties! Yes, the plane is very "minimal". Seats do not recline. There are no meals or frills, but the crew is friendly, the airline has a youthful feel to it and every thing ran smoothly. (Plus I got a direct flight which was really, really great.)

I left in the evening 

and had he moon with me for the entire trip.  My spousal unit claims that my super power is always knowing where the moon is. (Not perhaps the most exciting of super powers, but at least I have one! ;-) )

Here is an example of the "cuteness" of Spirit airlines. - You look out the window and on the wing tip you see a greeting:

I stayed in a nice hotel in the Westchase area (Country Inns and Suites) . It had a swimming pool and very clean and hospitable rooms.

It was wonderful being with my family. We went grocery shopping together.

and had a nice meal together the next day.

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Friday, 1 July 2016

The Met, Part 2

We had started off our visit to the museum with a little snack. The members' room at the Met has some delightful vegetable/fruit juices and a really good chocolate cake.

I seem to have gotten carried away with the fashion exhibit. Here is yet another of those leather dresses.

I adore this dress -it is Irish crochet (guige pur). - Lots of little pieces crocheted and then sewn together.

Here is a closer view.

 This is a lovely elegant dress.

 And then there are these....

Here is a detail of the dress above.

Some of the dresses are not too practical.

I'd love to see the one above on somebody as the patchwork quality is diffused by the lack of skin on the mannequin. (i.e you can't get the effect of the see-through quality so well.)

Others are interesting in their construction.  This one looked like it was made of bones.

I was curious how people got into some of the wrapped dresses. On the wall below you can see the unbuckled version of the center dress.

There was some intriguing ways of dealing with line.

I think the one below was Issey Miyake - there was a room devoted to him and a section on pleats and pleating.

I also visited the medieval exhibits, but since I had spent time there before I didn't take too many pictures.

This guy has always intrigued me.

And this griffin is stunning.

We spent a good part of the morning in the museum and then headed off to lunch for Mexican food.

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Our Day at the Met Part 1

When I was in High School I painted my bathroom to look like an Egyptian tomb. My mom had a book that I used to pour through and I stole all kinds of images from this little book and painted them on the walls of the bathroom. It turns out that  it was a book on the Egyptian collection in the Met. So here is one of the images that ended up on those walls:

I like this cat cutting off the head of a serpent.

And this Egyptian crocodile figure outside the temple is absolutely beautiful.

 I love the period rooms, because I feel like I have stepped into another world at another time.

The Met is particularly spacious and I love some of the expansive areas.

There were some very interesting special exhibits, including one on clothing in the age of technology.


The first part of the exhibit I went to was a section in which they imitated flowers with man-made materials.

This one was made out of plastic and it opened with a hinge and then closed over the body of the model. Seems like it owuld be mega-uncomfortable.

There was a video showing the process.

This one must have been an incredible amount of work to make.


Here is a close up of the flowers in the gown above.

The next section imitated feathers. The one below was shown in a black and in a white model.

What follows are others in the feather section.

 Obviously these re best enjoyed in person if you can get to the exhibition. Still, maybe you can get an idea of some of the designs from these images.

I wish I had noted the designers for these, but I had limited disk space.

I think these were some of my favorite dresses, but I can't really see me wearing any of them...


 I might wear the one on the left above, but with some kind of furry stole.

The ones above and below look very Weimar Republic to me.

The lace here was made of cut leather.


You can't tell, but that train is really, really long.
I'll break this here (Mpre dresses to come and some actual art too!