Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Drawings for the Day

Fast graphite stick sketch just to play with the composition.

Here is the original.

I worked on the cafe a bit too.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Drawing Update

So, I am trying to work on spatial relations and negative space, but Iam not succeeding too well.
I'm at a stopping point with the picture of Grandmuddy Hunt and I also started a new drawing to try and work on space. I was hoping to have five or six levels of space and I have three, but it is a beginning.

Grandmuddy Hunt feels finished to me, but of course my teacher is usually not satisfied as easily as I am. (I'm not sure why the backgraounds are always so grey in my photos, but if I auto contrast, thenthe pencil lines become much darker than they actually are and if I raise contrast  then I usually lose subtleties. (I guess I need to take pictures with more available light.)

What will my teacher say? Probably too much rendering and he rarely likes it when I use dark values.

This one feels like i am going backwards. Iknow it is not about the accuracy of the faces and figures per se, but it feels very much like I would have drawn 40 years ago. We'll see what advice I get.

Friday, 5 February 2016

Fox Paws Update

Well, I've made it through almost an entire  run of the fox paws pattern. This time went better, but I fudged a lot on the last row so I hope that won't be too obvious!!

Now it is time to decide whether to diverge from the pattern or to  follow the color suggestions made by the pattern author.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Sketch of Faces (Updated)

Here's the draft. I'm about to do drastic stuff to it!

I decided I wasn't happy with the draft - kept working on it:

Okay, (still not happy, but... so what else is new?) and of course as I look at it, even though I completely redrew all the features of the lefthand figure, I don't see much of a difference. (Probably time to start over). Anyway, then I started  changing things up a bit. I still need to work on the lefthand figure and think about the background, then tighten the focal points, but here is the current stage of the drawing.

The figure on the right is fairly faint, but the other two are fairly strong. I can't seem to get the right balance in a photo. Here is a second shot in which the right figure is too prominent, but you can see the other figures better.

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Drawing Draft

So after thinking a bit, I have decided to continue on my Milton-esque search for a minimal style and this is the sketch/plan for my new drawing.

This is supposed to be an outdoor setting, so I need to get the house faccade more grounded and add some brickwork to the chimney, indicate space to the right behind the house.  Not sure about it yet.

Also I decided to update my picture of my very slowly evolving fox paws project. I'm adding a new color (top of image)which is a rich purple (and not black) like it looks like in the picture. There is black along the bottom.  This pattern is kind of a pain to do so I am considering two repeats and then a ground of some other color and then two more repeats to make it a border. We'll see.

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Having problems with a new Knitting Pattern

The prong of yellow in the righthand tree is clearly in the wrong place. I can not figure out this pattern for the life of me!!

Not enjoying this pattern (Fox Paws) much (yet!)

Finally Drawing Again

We had to do an exercise on perspective and of course I will be nailed for not paying as much attention to the perspective as to other things on the drawing, but here is my first drawing of the season. (Feels good to be drawing again - although it took a number of cuss words and bad starts before it started to feel good! ;-)