Sunday, 26 October 2014

A Quick Visit to China Town and Sundry Images Sept 23

This is another day with just a couple of photos of a whimsical nature. (I have to work while I am here, so contrary to what it might seem, I do not get to wander around all day taking in the sights and taking pictures!)

On the way to China town somewhere I encountered this memorial to Agatha Christie. I read every single thing she published when I was younger, so I think I owe her some respect.

China town with all its lanterns is pretty impressive (even with grey skies ).

This art deco building impressed with its paint and gilt.

I had to stop by the RAF memorial. My dad was a flyer for the US in the war. Fortunately he did not die in the war. Wars are stupid things, and it annoys me that there are so many memorials to them, but we can still honor those who were sacrificed, I suppose.

I wish we had these traffic lights in Minnesota.

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