Thursday, 23 October 2014

Sept 2 Trip to the V and A

Since it is in the neighborhood, we made our first outing a trip to the Victoria and Albert museum.

They had an exhibition called "Disobedient Objects" which focused on the subject of political commentary through art.

I was happy to see a section on the Guerilla grrls.

In the main part of the museum there were a wide variety of objects.

I loved this terra cotta bust of an older woman.

In the center area there were selections of dresses from a variety of time periods.

It is a lovely collection of dresses and men's clothing.


We visited a variety of other exhibits too. There was Greek and Roman material.

I was also interested in the medieval things. Unfortunately one of the main medieval rooms was closed.

There were lovely French and German pieces.

These tapestries have beautiful dresses and animal forms.

These Romanesque capitals were also quite impressive.

On the upper floor were ceramics.

There were cases and cases of ceramics from different countries and different times.


Here are a few closer views of some of the pieces.

Then we went on to the furniture.

There were others enjoying the furniture too.

This period room was gorgeous with all its wood inlay from the Arts and Craft movement.

There was a whole floor of glass objects, like this chair.

My brother-in-law has the Michael Graves tea kettle in the museum!

I'd e thrilled to have any one of these chairs for our house!

I don't think the bookcase on the left would be too useful, but the chest is pretty cool!

When we were through, we walked past the Albert Hall.

We saw this litte French bulldog on the street too.

Everything we saw was with new eyes. I had to wonder what all those cakes were like!

We saw an English bulldog too in front of Whole Foods! (There are 7 Whole Foods groceries in London!

Our visit was off ot a good start.

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