Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Our Flat

So we arrived in London early in the morning. Of course the key wasn't at the office, so we had to wait a bit, after a long hard night. (We couldn't figure out how to recline our bus seats and slept really poorly.)

Eventually we were able to get our luggage over to the new place and got a chance to see our new digs.

Our street looks like this.

The front steps are typical for the area.

It turns out our flat was on the top floor, so we had three very long stair sets to go up with all our luggage. The apartment had two bedrooms.

Out the window of the larger room you could see the courtyards of the nearby apartments.

The other bed room was smaller, but neither was terribly large by American standards.

The bathroom was clean and modern.

The kitchen too.

As you can tell V. was pretty exhausted when we finally got everything up the stairs. This is our main room (the right hand side). 

Here is the other side which is our dining area.

And that is all that comprises our flat.

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