Saturday, 25 October 2014

Kensington Park Sept 12

So just for fun, Violet and I headed out to Kensington park to check out the Elfin Oak, a 900 year old tree stump that got moved to the park in 1928 as an improvement.  They must have had funny ideas of improvement moving a dead tree stump into the gardens, but after Ivor Innes finished working on it, it was quite adorable.
Maybe you recognize it from here:

Anyway, we eventually found it, but you can't really see it, because they are busy punishing the poor dead thing bu keeping it imprisoned on the palace grounds.

If you peek through the bars you can see the figures like Wookey the Witch and Grumples and Groodles and other "Little People". (And no, I can't tell Dinkie from Rumpelocks!)

While we were there, Kate Middleton evidently got morning sickness, so the royal helicopter dropped her off back home.

Of course we didn't really get to see anything, but it was in the papers, so we were pretty sure that was what we hadn't quite seen.

There are of course more interesting denizens of the Park.

You could see some of the leaves already starting to change.

Even though it wasn't sunny, it was pleasant and you can see that Londoners were seizing the day. Winter is coming!

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