Friday, 30 November 2012

Drawing update

The draft of my drawing is now finished. Ineed to do some tweaking, but this is more or less what I am thinking about for the final piece.


The upper right corner still needs some work, and I want to work on some of the background space, but now it is thinking time.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Update on the Drawing of My Female Relatives

So today I worked on the images of my sister and added my great grandmother on my Father's side.  I just can't get the face of one of my sister's right. It's probably because of the photo I am using. The newer part of the other sister is pretty close to what she looks like. Now I need to put in my aunt on my father's side, fix the bottom left figure and then start adjusting the values. I guess there is still a lot to do!

Thanksgiving Meal

It's funny. I talked to my sister before Thanksgiving and although we had to spend the holiday apart we both decided to have our traditional Thanksgiving meal.  So we both cooked all day and then we had our long distance family phone call.  So we started to compare notes, since we obviously would have made the same things. It turns out we had not one single item in common! She had turkey. We made leg of lamb. They had stuffing of course and we did not, but we had lamb gravy. They had mashed potatoes and we had mashed sweet potatoes. They had corn pudding and we had corn bread muffins. They had broccoli and cheese casserole and we went the green bean route. For dessert pumpkin pie here and mince meat there. Both meals sound pretty good, but funny how our childhood traditions seem to have been so different.

So here is a picture of our feast. (I chose this picture because I thought maybe it would look like the dogs were on the table, but it doesn't really. They are at the edge of the room enjoying their own feast of the cooking pots. You can see Copper licking his lips!)

Monday, 19 November 2012

Update on Drawing

Well, I've slowly been working on my drawing of the women in the family, but it is going very slowly. Here is the current state of the drawing:

I got my grandfather's sisters done today and reworked some of the prior figures. I'm still not happy, but it is really about the composition in this picture so, accuracy isn't actually all that important.