Friday, 3 October 2014

After Tea in Edinburgh

So we were refreshed and ready to carry on, so it was time to visit Holyrood Palace. The weather was grey and uninspiring and that made the palace seem very dark and grim.

There was this huge Victorian fountain outside the front.

We entered the palace and were not allowed to take any photos, so I have scavenged things from the web to indicate what the interior was like.

I believe this might have been the king's bedchamber.


Because of the weather the palace seemed dark and made us wonder why the Queen would want to come here in the Summer.

This is Mary Queen of Scots ante chamber, as you can see they have filled it with cases of memorabilia.  Behind them is a gorgeous portrait of Mary clad in red.

On the other side of the glass cases stood her bed chamber. It was much darker than this when we were there.

We saw sundry other rooms, but the Mary Queen of Scots rooms were the most interesting.

This is the Royal Dining Hall.

Here is another fine portrait of Mary.

Attached to the palace is the remains of a beautiful Gothic abbey.

Looking a bit like Tintern abbey, it stood there being rained upon, looking sad and bedraggled.

 After we left the remains of the abbey we wandered around the garden a bit.

Just as it began to rain, it was time to go.

As we left they were getting ready to close up for the day, but we got a chance to look back at the palace one more time.

We said goodbye to the statue of Edward VII the 60 year old successor to his mother Queen Victoria.

and goodbye to the fountain...

with all its figures...

It was time to leave. It had been a very full day!

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