Saturday, 25 October 2014

Flouers of Edinburgh at the Finborough Arms

We have a drama evening about once a month here at the Finborough Arms a little pub and theater right up the street.

Here is our Fearless Leader.

We get Pizza and have a beer and chat. It is a wonderful, relaxing event.

And then we go upstairs for a play. This first one was by a Scottish playwright called Robert McLellan, called The Flouers of Edinburgh. The set was small but nicely done.

I didn't take pictures during the performance, but found some publicity pictures to add. It was very well done. The play is written in Scots and thus was  a little difficult to understand, but the cast did a brilliant job of helping us learn to pick up a bit of the dialect. The play was very timely as the Scots were getting ready to vote on independence and the play concerned the Anglicization of Scotland. Finlay Bain's character below (Charles Gilchrist) has travelled to London to become educated and comes back to tell the Scots that they need to get with the times. The prouder older generation are no so sure.

Kevin McMonagle playing the elder Gilchrist is fantastic in the role of the curmudgeonly dad.

Gilchrist's love interest isn't as convinced of the need to change, but faces difficulty because her reputation is about to be ruined because she has been seduced by a fine-speaking English Captain who, it turns out, is already married.

My favorite character was the opiniated servant (played by Lewis Rae). Unfortunately I couldn't find an image of the servant Jock.

So those are a few images from the production. Leigh Lothian and Jenny Lee (above) should also be mentioned as doing a fantastic job! Go see them if you get a chance.

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