Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Photos from a Walk

We had a record warm day yesterday and I snapped a few pictures of what was left of the snow and ice (knowing that it would not be around much longer.)

This is some kind of algae or fungus under the melting ice.

The water in the lake near the lakewobegon trail was streaming over this organism (whatever it is) and making beautiful patterns.

This is a the mist over the pond near our house.

None of these are overly exciting images- but I find them mildly interesting. In Painting class today I only got the background laid in - so there is not much to show on that front either! (Soon though! - This weekend!)


Beccy said...

I love the second picture, beautiful patterns.

min said...

I thought they were cranberries. You should do a coffee table book.

ChrisB said...

That looks a very large pond!!

Jenny said...

That last photo makes me want to take a vacation.