Monday, 12 March 2007

Fun Monday Recipe

Hmm - I don't remember saying I would do this, but my name appears on the web site for participants, so here is my submission:

Mini-eggplant pizzas (Aubergine Pizzas)

ADDENDUM:(Sometimes it is tricky knowing when the eggplants are done - so I have also put the eggplants in the oven alone for 5-6 minutes, turned them over and then loaded the stuff on the slices - I also use olive oil instead of other oil in this particular recipe).

I'm a vegetarian who fell off the veggie wagon because she doesn't really like veggies, so here is a way to get
those silly vegetables to taste palatable (drowning them in grease and salt!)

Grease a cookie sheet and fill with an eggplant sliced into 1/4 inch (40mm?) rounds (or lengthwise into planks.)
(Use the eggplant instead of pizza dough - now make your pizza). Next I usually thin slice mushrooms, onions, green pepper and mince garlic and throw these on the eggplant. Then I throw a tablespoon of thick spaghetti sauce over the veggies. If your sauce needs thickening mix in a little tomato paste. (Meat eaters can throw sausage or what we call pepperoni on top) Now grate some Mozzerella cheese and put some parmesan on that (I also like to add romano) and throw this in the oven for 15-25 minutes. about 400 degrees fahrenheit and (I believe) 200 degrees Celsius (hot oven.) The thicker the ingredients, the longer you have to bake these - but they are done when the fork goes through the eggplant easily. When done the eggplant is wobbily, so you may want to slide them off with a spatula.

I like my whole grain cookies better - but don't have time to type them up right now!


Karmyn said...

I would have never thought about using eggplant as pizaa dough. Very clever and healthy, I might add.

Beccy said...

Sorry Wendy, in a email you said you might write a recipe so I thought I'd put your name up just in case you did.

I have to say I'm delighted you did participate because those look so good. I love aubergine (as we call eggplant) and will be off to buy one tomorrow so I can try this out.

The Artist formerly Known as Purpleworms (!) said...

WARNING - cooking time is approximate - sometimes I cook the eggplant on one side first - then turn them over and put the stuff on (it is a bit tricky knowing when the eggplant is cooked.)

Karmyn - Yeah I try to live healthily since I need to lose weight!

Beccy - home you enjoy the aubergine - I knew I should have used bilingual teerms - but sometimes I forget!!

ChrisB said...

I agree with beccy these look delicious and I will be trying this recipe soon

Robin said...

Here from Pamela's blog, thought you might ** appreciate ** a visit :).

Pamela, you think I did rob.
That comment alone made me sob!
With you, I agree
How'd the Mamas choose ME?!
Their brains must be corn on the cob!

Ok, so the last line's weak but since there's no contest at stake, I'm not gonna take the time to "nail it" ;).

Pamela is one of my FAVORITE bloggers! Her are the BEST, they keep me coming back for more (although I love it when she slows down, too). Saw your comment over at her place, couldn't resist paying you a visit.

AND, I've "seen" ya around, guess we travel to some of the same parts, and you're a funny cookie, too. After scrolling through a few of your posts, I discovered you ARE an artist! Wow!! :)

Oooo, and I stopped at this post b/c apparently, I lost steam before I got to you on this particular Fun Monday...I hate it when I'm not able to visit all the blogs who participate...this week, I didn't even try...there was just no point (when I realized I wouldn't be able to blog hop much AT ALL).

Geez, a novella, I'm going now...happy Thursday!

The Artist formerly Known as Purpleworms (!) said...

Hi, Robin,

I actually considered whether you might read my comment and if I should perhpas note that I thought you did a very good job - I just liked Pamela's entry better because it scanned better!! ;-) You certainly DO deserve a prize for your limericks (as does Pamela).