Sunday, 4 March 2007

Oh the Humanity- Oh the Horror

It is Monday in Australia - so I'm posting this - (I want this over with - so I can get on to something less disturbing ). Please be warned that the subject matter is disturbing - so if you are weak of stomach (although I can not imagine anyone who has just read Mindy's Brain Post being too much more offended by this) go read something else.


The flaccid pustules tensed in preparation of eruption as Rudnick lay groaning on his lumpy mattress, while his saccharine sister stood smiling nearby and remembered him proclaiming defiantly (rat in hand) that household rodents had never caused anyone the least bit of harm.

Okay here is one that is even worse on the same topic, but the intials spell a third and even worse sentence.

"A nasty trick," hissed Rudnick, a xenophobic drone, eagerly setting the rat on yonder scruffy mattress as Sarah turned eerily repeating for us little pompous explanations of pustules left eagerly by rats (innocent not guilty in noticing grief such as did Nicky's elder smiling sister. )

A n t h r a x . d e s t r o y s . m a s t e r f u l . p e o p l e . b r i n g i n g . s a d n e s s.

Warning - this image is gross - I spent HOURS making it that way!! (And tell me how to depict the above sentences without making it grotesque, really!!!)

Last chance to turn back!!



ChrisB said...

Wendy this is brilliant and very clever graphics. I'm glad I'm not in the least squeamish (puke only joking)

Lisa said...

Wow, you win my vote!

Willowtree said...

That second one with the initials is amazing, I can't even begin to imagine how much time it took to do that.

Pamela said...

awwwww bwaaah awful bwah,


Purpleworms said...

Chrisb - Thanks so much - I'm not sure if you mean you can't handle puke koking or it is the only kind you can handle - but obviously you made it through the pustules.

Lisa- I laughed at yours and love your "beast."

Willowtree - I consider that high praise coming from you - of course you set the bar pretty high with your two sentences! (And yes it is a great way to "shoot" an entire weekend!)

Pamela- awful indeed! (Glad you enjoyed it!) I know that head of Munster feeling!!

Beccy said...

Love the cleverness of the second sentence. That photo is gross and I already had a queazy stomach having visited Sabrina before.

enid said...

another posting helping enid keep to that diet! enid's very impressed with the initials thing. it was hard enough to do one without that!

Margaret said...

ok...ick. really. ick. I love it.

Amy W said...

Yup, totally gross...

Robin said...

Oh, warned me...but that's nothin' more than an invitation in MY book! :)

And, for the record.......GROSS!

Definitely a contender for something!

Sabrina said...

Whoah. That's pretty gross and bad!!!!

Jenny said...

The most disturbing thing though was the gold lame' shorts I think.

Purpleworms said...

Beccy, I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Sabrina's blog certainly is grosser than mine because it's real!!

Enid - Unfortunatley the yuck factor wears off - I'm already hungry again!!

Margaret and Amy - Thanks - I think.

Robin - Yup - warning or invitation they are pretty much the same in my book (or at least that is how I view it when I get warned.

Sabrina - I can't compete with the reality of your grossness!

Jenny - Yes, sheesh - these guys on Myspace will wear anything (even photoshopped pustules!!)

nikki said...

i give you the most disgusting award hands down.

Stephanie said...

Honey, I love you 'cause I love your sister, so believe me when I say in love...

You need therapy.

Bethany said...

I think this is my favorite one!

ktjrdn said...

Is that photoshop you used? I'm in awe. It seems "bad" sentences must tend to invite disgusting topics too. yech.

Purpleworms said...

Hi Ktjrdn,
Yes I photoshoppede all the pustules onto the poor drunk guy from Myspace and added the rat and the Edward Gorey figure. I wish I could blame bad sentences, but my sister Mindy would then point out that certain siblings have that bent regardless of the nature of their sentences!

Purpleworms said...

Berthany - Thank you so much! It really does make me feel good - I hate to admit how long I wasted spent putting that thing together!!

I really enjoyed your fairy tale and empathize with the frustration. Freud certainly knew what he was talking about when he wrote about children and their use of the potty to control their parents!!

Purpleworms said...

Nikki, I only pasted photoshop IMAGES on Photoshop images. You threatened to defile food! Now I ask you... (Oh never mind!) My Mom always said to just smile and say Thank you.

Thanks! ;-)

Stephanie- I'm telling my therapist you said that!!

Liza said...

Ewww. But, sorry, not as gross as the scabby shower. I can deal with fake stuff.

Karmyn said...

Very cleverly done (or should I say horribly done?) heh heh

Your picture almost beat the huge scab picture.

Purpleworms said...

Karmyn, Gosh I hope not! That scab was really disturbing!

Jenn said...

okay - that rocks, with the initials! and both are incredibly bad, of course!