Saturday, 31 May 2014

Père Lachaise (Part 3) Just some pretty pictures

Even though I have finished  showing the famous graves in the cemetery, I wanted to add one more post on Père Lachaise.  This part of my entry is for the pictures I have taken that are neither of famous graves nor of a touristic nature. They are simply images I captured because they interested me or I found them pretty.

Here was a tiny little grave (the smallest I saw in the cemetery) nested between two larger ones.

This guy was tiny, but he was traipsing across the stepping stones with nary a complaint.

The top of this structure was planted with iris.

I thought this was a lovely sentiment. It says, "More strong than death is the reminder of those who are absent in the memories of the living." Of course it sounds better in French.

The top of this very old sepulcher had seeds and moss on it that formed a lovely abstract pattern.

I did a double take at this one!

Sadly I did not get a very good shot of this one, but it is the grave of a suffragist.

If you look closely at the detail you may be able to see that her banner says votes for women (Suffrage des femmes).

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