Tuesday, 20 May 2014

A Visit to Notre Dame (Exterior)

So I walked along the Seine and decided to go see Notre Dame Cathedral.
 The bridge to the Island had this interesting lock artwork on it. It glistened brightly in the sun from long distances.

I passed by many people enjoying the day.

There was a line to get in (as with any important place in Paris these days).

 But eventually patience paid off and I got to the cathedral.
Like most Americans, I have a fascination with the gargoyles, so I took lots of pictures of them.

There is something so soulful about this one!

Since this martyr is headless, I suspect it is St. Denis.

Of course you recognize Eve.

The King on this tympanum lost his head to the French revolution.

Here are the resurrected from the tympanum.

And then I had made it to the door!

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