Friday, 23 May 2014

Paris Day 2 Part 1 Looking for Sainte Chapelle and Other Sights

So today I wanted to go to Sainte Chapelle. Unfortunately this was to occur, but I had a wonderful day anyway. I walked from my hotel down alongthe Seine and headed for the Ile de Cité. On the way I passed this church and of course I can't remember the name now.

It was much later than the churches I had been looking at, but still charming in its own way. Here is a lovely carving of Jesus. Some kind person has relieved him of his burden as he was obviously bearing a cross on his back at one time.

Ther was discreet amounts of gold (compared to some Roccoco styles) but it was still amply visible in the ceiling and walls of the church.

Ah, les vitrines de Paris! I can't stop taking pictures of things in shop windows!  I loved this little caricature of a French teacher and cigar smoking man. They are so tacky and yet so personable!

I had to think of my sister who loves pigs when I saw this orchestra. They were tiny little china figures.

And then there is the cheese shop! (But no bazouki player.)

On my walk I could see the Pantheon and tower of St Etienne, the church nearby.

This was probably a "non-non"  (taking pictures of children is taboo), but these school children holding onto a rope for crossing the street was too cute for the stealth camera to pass up.

I find signs on walls fascinating.  I suspect this can't be left over from its original time, but is an interesting reminder.

I realized I had forgotten to take the obligatory front of Notre Dane shot, so I picked it up on the second day. (Unfortunately the weather wasn't quite as nice.)

Here's another stealth shot - wish it were in focus. I may use this for a painting.

This is one of the notable Art Nouveau Paris metro stops.

It wasn't far from Sainte Chapelle. It turned out that I ddin't get to see the chapel though. There were  a couple of black jacketed guys standing with barricades, smoking e-cigarettes. They chatted up some pretty Italian women and then eventually said the Chapelle wouldn't be open today and pulled the barricades in. I have no idea what that was all about!

So next I had to decide whether to do the Louvre or the Musee D'Orsay. Both were in the same direction. I walked along the Quay and eventuallly while looking at the Louvre building decided it was too imposing and I couldn't face it, so I would visit the Musee D'Orsay. It was supposed to be across from the Louvre just a little ways up the river. It seemed like I walked forever and still couldn't find it.

I did see this cool cafe.

I was taken by the paintings on the walls of fashionable turn of the century women.

This is a Paris moment too that I'm glad I could capture.

I passed this sculpture but have no idea who it is, we'll just call him a general general.

And it isn't everyday you see a multi-masted schooner. Or maybe it is just another day on the Seine.

Could this be the museum? (As so frequently on this walk, it was just another false alarm! I know the Musee D'Orsay was in a train station, but I was getting tired.)

I did pass this sign on a wall. This is where Voltaire died.

It is a restaurant now. (Doesn't everyone want to dine where their favorite person died?)

Finally I did find the museum.

There were buskers playing jazz music, which was nice becasue as with all the important sights in Paris there was a long line.

These sculptures of women represent the parts of the world.

There were so many famous paintings and pieces in this museum. Lots of beautiful Degas pieces including bronzes, the Nabis, some Monet and lots of Manet including these:

Luckily I couldn't take pictures, so you won't be forced to look at lots of bad shots of great art!

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