Monday, 19 May 2014

On the Way to Paris

So here are a few photos out the plane window. Jet lag has me. I had to go to bed at 7:30 Pm tonight and now it is just around midnight and I am awake, so I'll put up a few photos and then try to sleep again.

I chose a window seat because I like to take pictures out the plane window, but of course this time I managed to put myself (despite all efforts to the contrary) right in the middle of the wing.

Here are a couple of shots out the window as we left Toronto.

We were mostly above banks of clouds for the flight. I had to great seat mates. Ivan was from the Ukraine with a Canadian passport, but worked in Poland, London, Canada and evidently many other places. He was returning to Poland which he said he liked better than Poland. He was a chess player and very kind man who helped a nearby woman get her unwieldy luggage into the overhead bin. He was a quiet Bob Hoskins type if that seems possible. Between Ivan and me sat Paul a congenial guy from Napoli who carried on animated conversations about his various business enterprises (leather  jacket importing). There was also a very nice Indian man in the seat across the aisle and slightly forward. He had a brilliant smile and looked like an older Bollywood star. The guys directly in front of us were Russian. It was quite a cosmopolitan mix and made me think there was a play in it somewhere.

Here's my first view of France as we descended through the clouds and banked. Perhaps that  is the Seine?

This is the area around Charles DeGaulle airport.

And sonow the adventures can begin!

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