Thursday, 29 May 2014

AFEA Conference Friday Part 2

(The Pictures were loading so slowly that I decided to divide the post into two halves. Here is the continuation of the previous post).

I attended the Friday session on American Television series when I arrived. The first presentation about Gossip Girl and was given by Anaïs Lefevre-Berthelot. This was quite enjoyable and disturbing at the same time.

Of course the star presentation was by Janet. She shone as always in talking about the openings to True Blood, American Horror and Orange is the New Black."

Yann is getting his just desserts here for making this face in the middle of a presentation.

And I adore this image of Janet because it shows her energy and animation in talking about her subject.

Shannon Wells Lasagne spoke covered the adaptation of serial killers to the small screen

Afterwards the gang went out for hors d'oeuvres and a drink. Karen touched base with home and then we all talked about the presentations

This woman behind us ordered something and then made a stink insisting she couldn't eat what she was served. I think she was probably a scammer, but it was a unique experience to hear her abusing the waiter. 

After we had our drinks, we headed off to dinner.  We walked through the suburbs a bit and saw some lovely sights. There is a subtlety to this sunset even though it is mostly colorless.

Here's a little flower stand on a corner - adding color to the area.

We were treated to a rainbow as we walked along.

Here's Karen enjoying a relaxing glass of wine in the kitchen.

Here is what we had for dinner - some truly fantastic cheese, a fabulous salad, and delicious wine. We had an evening of gentile conversation and fun that ended far too soon.

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