Sunday, 25 May 2014

End of Second Day

 So after leaving the Rodin museum, even though I was tired, I still noticed some things that  caught my attention. This seems to be some sort of stock or warehouse company. It had a beautiful floral decoration on the exterior.

I think this might be Danton, one of the most intriguing revolutionaries that France had.

I've always been fascinated by reflections in windows. Here are a couple of shots of furnishing stores with window reflections.

I think the reflections make the images more interesting compositionally.

There is this large impressive fountain in La Place St. Michel. I've passed by it a few times on my way to other places.

I also passed this a couple of times. It is in a little street called Bucherie.

They don't let you take pictures inside, but others were taking this shot, so I couldn't resist. This is the book store's second most famous denizen, Kitty.

She knows exactly the best way to spend some time (relaxing with good books).

The store is very convoluted with tiny spaces, but there is a little bulletin board upstairs with all kinds of notes left by people who love the store.

 I also passed the St. Severens church on the way back to the hotel. It isn't as beautiful as Notre Dame, but it is still old and has nice gothic elements.

This is just a Paris street scene (and what I see most of the time). I thought I should have a few typical shots too.

This is a pretty building!

I don't know anyhting about this sculpture, but I passed it in a park.

This is near the hotel.  It kind of weirds me out!

And this is the only thing that has caused some one to yell at me in Paris:

It is a picture of garbage on the side of a garbage truck and the garbage man cussed me out for taking it.  I'm still not quite sure what was going on with that.

 On the way home I stopped at a grocery store. I've been saving money by eating out sparingly. Here are my groceries for the day!

I went home after the grocery store and collapsed. It had been a super busy day!

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