Saturday, 8 June 2013

Way to Marburg

So I got up early and headed out to the train station. The trip involved a change of trains in Kassel, but with ample time to make the change. Since I had more than 40 minuts in teh station, I decided to take a peek at the town. There was a large fortress above the town on the hill and many different kinds of architecture. The train station was very modern.

Just outside there were Jugendstil type buildings (but without as much interesting ornament.)

There was also this ornament from the second world war period.

There were many old, fascinating buildings that I passed on the way to Marburg.

(Also castle ruins on hills).

Unfortunately there was additionally lots of flooding.

When we stopped in Marburg this is one of the first things I saw.

I wheeled my suitcase down the street to the hotel and passed this canal.

When I got to the hotel my room was not yet ready, so I went to the bathroom. (INteresting way to designate it, isn't it?)

And then I left my luggage and tooka walk around the town.  Marburg must be one of the most beautiful German cities Ihave ever seen. My next blog will have lots of Fachwerk houses and the lovely castle area of Marburg.

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