Thursday, 6 June 2013

Sundry Strangeness

These are some sundry images that don't really have a theme that connects - just some interesting things that I saw.

This is a Thuringian sausage, but could (from appearance) come from just about anywhere in Germany.

I saw a memorial to Bach in Weimar too even though there didn't seem to be much visible celebration of him otherwise.

Here's another "famous person lived here" sign - this time for Martin Luther.

I haven't figured this one out at all - but evidently they wanted to erase the record of this person who seems to have been a judge ( I think I read the word Richter  in the middle line).

I thought this was a very pretty filet pattern in an upstairs window in Weimar.

Some buildings had sayings on them. This one says, it is best to build it right (the first time.)

I liked this little train station on the way to Fulda.

The Oscar Meyer Weinermobile seems to have a German twin. (You can see that it is a little sausage in a bun that you can drive around.)

This little guy was singing his heart out in Fulda at the Schloss park. I don't know what kind of bird he is (looks a bit like our bluebirds).

I loved the texture of this wall in Marburg.

A collage of sorts (reflected in a clothing store window.)

Several Marburg people have frogs up. This guy was sitting on a roof.

 And I don't know what to say about this wall in Marburg.

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