Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Hochwasser! Floods! (In Weimar)

I wanted to go take some pictures of the faux ruins that they loved to build in the Romantik period and these were in the park near the river Ilm. 


I noticed immediately that the part  of the city I was walking through had mud on the streets and lots of sand bags piled against the buildings.

Continuing on to the park there were police ribbons all over, indicating that the area was closed.

 Everyone seemed to be ignoring the ribbons, so I followed along and was able to take a few picturs of the swollen river.

The pictures speak for themselves.

 The part of the city near the Ilm river had sandbags all over and the river was incredibly swollen.  The bridge to Goethe's Garden house was blocked off

 Of course some people took this as an opportunity.

Many are experiencing great difficulties because of the flooding.

Here you can see Goethe's garden house. 

I don't know if it sustained any damage as the waters have certainly receded. But you can see how close it is to the threshhold.

In a later post I will also show some flooding that I saw from the train as I travelled to Fulda.

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