Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Peter und Paul Kirche Herdergarten

After the Stadtschloss museum I was heading home when I happened across this little garden:

It was pretty desserted, but there was this one inhabitant. I immediately thought of my friend Elisabeth's animal visitors, so I had to take a picture for her!

The garden was pleasant, but not terribly well cared for, still it was exciting to know that Herder probably used to walk through these paths.

Here was a wooden sign about Herder's life. It's a shame that such an important person doesn't have a more significant memorial here.

In the so-called Herderkirche (actually the Peter and Paul church) you can usually see a wonderful Cranach altar piece and the organ that Bach most certainly played, but unfortunately it was being renovated, so the view was obstructed. There was a famous painting of Martin Luther on the wall and the organ had it's cover pulled up a little so it could be glimpsed.

The altar piece was also coverd and not clearly visible, but one could look at it at least.

Here's a view from afar - not really a lovely sight at present.

Then I headed home, but also passed this interesting old church with old Baroque grave memorials.

On the way home I also passed children playing on a wooden piece of playground equipment.  It was charming and yet I doubt anyone would allow this in the U.S.

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