Saturday, 1 June 2013

Kloster Langheim

I see that I have already missed telling about an exciting part of my visit to Lichtenfels.  Frau Gareis and I biked  over to an old monastery that is now (very sadly) in orivate hands. We had had a grand tour planned, but the weather thwarted our efforts and so we cut down our trip (thank goodness, because I am no longer the biker I used to be!) and rode for a few kilometers to look at the beautiful architecture and I hope to take Frau Gareis out to dinner (but of course that was also never to be!)

We got on our bikes and braved the awful traffic. Frau Gareis is an 80 year old dynamo ... and she left me in the dust! I huffed and puffed and couldn't keep up, but she was kind enough to stop and wait for me.

This village is called Mistelfeld.  It is very typical of the Dörfer here in Oberfranken.

Kloster Langheim was the next village over.  Her is the remnants of a gate.

The monastery buildings are scattered throughout the town and all in private hands now. The abbey has a very long history starting in the 1100s when the land was donated to Otto the First, Bishop of Bamberg.

Otto then gave the land to Adam of Ebrach on the condition that he found a new monastery for the Cistercians.

The abbey has been destroyed repeatedly over the years having been burned down  by the Hussites in the 1400s, and again in the 30 years war and was finally desserted by the monks after a huge fire in 1802. 

The buildings are now privately owned.

Some are well cared for and others not, but all bear the similar style of architecture that makes the town so beautiful.

We also ran into some dogs as I always seem to do. This is Loki (looking at his caninic brother Baldur). He is an 8 year old Bull dog and very sweet natured.

Our next adventure was to go to the Klosterhof restaurant and have our Forelle Blau.

The Gasthaus was beautifully decorated in traditional German style both outside and in.

As you can see there is a warm wood interior typical to this kind of establishment.

The Wirt, Herr Brehm, was kind and told humourous stories.

We tried the asparagus soup and it was delicious!

Of course the star attraction was the blue trout served with Salzkartoffeln and a really, really spicy horseradish.
I ate so much I could hardly ride home!

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