Thursday, 6 June 2013


There was lots of flooding on the way to Fulda - here is probably the best shot I got of it from the train. The Saal river has risen way beyond its banks and farther east  and in Passau it was even worse.

When I got into Fulda after checking in, I took a walk around the town.

The first thing I visited was a Benedictine monastery with 24 sisters.

This is one of the gates outside of the Stadt Schloss.

 Next I saw a really amazing Romanesque church (The second oldest in Germany). It was built around 820 C.E. It was possibly designed by a monk named Racholf.

This church is called St. Michaels and it retains some of the pre-romanesque architecture although several changes were made in the 11th century (the building of the West tower and the paintings in the interior).

There are still remnants of the paint that used to cover the entire inside of the church.

There were lovely Romanesque columns each one different.

The crypt beneath the  main floor has the broad roman arches that characterize this style of architecture.

Here's a shot looking up into the cupola.

Much of the decor was brought to St Michael's from other churches. Here is a lovely gothic St. Sebastian.

I was told that this is an unusual image because it shows Joseph with the baby Jesus.

This is a lovely Baroque grave plate.

 This is St. Barbara.

Outside and nearby was a Benectine convent that is no longer owned by the church and now is private houses.

It is beutifully painted and part of it is now also a seminary.


My next post will have pictures of the Cathedral that is next to St Michael's and these old convent buildings.

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