Sunday, 2 June 2013

Pension in Weimar

Of course I walked all over in the wrong direction when I arrived in Weimar lugging my poor suitcase across cobblestones, past the Goethe and Schiller statue into the market area only to discover that my Pension was very close to the train station.

It was cold, I was tired and of course when I got to the Pension, there was no one there. There was a sign on the door that said I should phone the Concierge and he would be there within 5 minutes, but of course since my cell phone wouldn't work in Europe I was out of luck.

I don't yet have a photo of the exterior of the Pension, so I'll leave space here. It's called HInz and Kunz and I would definitely recommend it (at least if you get the room I did!!)  The people here are very nice and although it is a minimal service kind of place,  the people are very nice and helpful.

I got in to the hotel only to find out that they wouldn't take credit cards which really threw me for a loop, because if my next hotel also wouldn't do so, I would not have enough money to pay for it. As it turned out they wanted Euros and I only had dollars, of course it was Friday evening and no banks would be open until Monday. And then I found out from a friend that German banks won't let you change money unless you have an account! Yikes!!  This set off a panic in me and a whole flurry of supportive emails from friends. (Thank you Elisabeth and Don in particular!) Anyway after  much desperation and a bad night's sleep I was told I could pay in dollars and I also found out that my next hotel would accept my credit card. Whew!

Anyway, I'm living in the lap of luxury even with no ATM card, no pin number and no money!  The room is clearly intended for a family as there are 4 beds (and I am told a fifth can be brought in.)

The bath is huge, clean and white and the tub is very deep and wonderful! I've used it every day and intend ot use it again tonight!

Here it is from the other side.  See me in the mirror there?

There I am!

This is really like an apartment. There are two love seats and a chair. (Also a TV set and little music/reading area.

Behind the sitting area is a big entry way with a huge chest.

It is very clean and comfortable.

You can't really get a sense for the spaciousness with the pictures, but it is basically one large room, with two bedrooms and a bathroom attached.

It's a Dachboden, so its a little on the cool side, but of course for me that is a good thing.

The closet has three sections and lots of space!

I have been very happy with  the room (just not with the fact, that I can't use my credit card.)

Here is the view out the bathroom window.

There is even a breakfast included - not a huge one, but a sufficient one (and if you like rolls then it is sure to be plenty.

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