Monday, 12 June 2017

Trip to Houston to Visit My Mom

My Mom has been ailing so I was pleased to have the opportunity to visit wiht her  and my sisters before my trip to Israel.

We visited a Houston Bakery that specializes in unusaul cake designs.

Edgar Allen Poe would have loved this one!

This is not a good shot of it, but here is a very complex mermaid.

Here is my mom enjoying her hot chocolate with my sister.

We ate at Kenny and Ziggy's a great deli with mammoth proportions and a really great waitress named Angel .  Below you can see some of the many caricatures on the wall of famous people in New York.

We also visited the John Burgee/Philip Johnson Water wall, a vertiginous piece of architectural sculpture. (Otherwise known as a fountain.)

Mom quite enjoyed seeing it and I had a soul-warming experience wheeling her around the fountain area.

The fountain uses 78,500 gallons of water and is 64 feet tall to represent the 64 stories of the Transco tower. People seem to like to perform in front of it.

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