Monday, 19 June 2017

Around Kibbutz Kefar Szold and a Trip to Qiryat Shemona

I try to take walks regularly (I'm hoping to see a Rock Hyrax, but so far no luck!)  Anyway here are some pictures from my walks around Kefar Szold. This s where the Kibbutz is - (way in the North). That is the Sea of Galilee at the bottom of the map.

Here are some pictures from my walks: There are all kinds of sculptures and art on the kibbutz. Below are some outdoor mosaic forms.

(And I thought I wouldn't need to know the Hebrew word for elephant!)
The man below and his crop of flowers are all sculptures.

I walk around the perimeter of the Kibbutz and here is what looks like an old bunker.

Here's the bunker from the other side.

Some of the houses are delightfully decorated like this house of many pots.

There are also many fruit trees. I think these must be pomegranates.

 We went to the market and mall in Qiryat Shemona on Thursday of  last week.
We parked at the mall and then visited the market.


The mrket was pretty big and had mostly food and clothing.

Outside there were these figures.

The mall was a cute little mall, but the most intersting thing were these rides for children.

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