Tuesday, 20 June 2017

The Road to Beit She'an

 This is a cute dog I saw in the Mall parking lot:

Here are some pictures I took in the bus on the way to Beit She'an.

We travelled almost directly south from Kefar Szold. Around the sea of Galilee. The red flag is the kibbutz.

The landscape near the kibbutz looks like the picture below - dry grasses and mountains similar tothe kind you find in California.

We passed this intersting Fort (I htought it said Zimor or something like that - probably from modern times.)

We had driven by the sea of Galilee a couple of times, but it had always been shrouded in mist. Today I could actually see the sea (but of course the view could still have been better! ;-).)

We passed a couple of these tower things. 

Near the sea they grow a lot of bananas. I'm not sure why, but they are kept inside of large cloth expanses like the beige tent (middle strip in the image below.

The bouganvillea grows really tall and bushy here.

We passed all kinds of agricultural sites including palm trees laden with dates.

You can see the peaches hanging off of the trees here.

We were driving between the Sea of Glailee on one side and the river Jordan below. (It doesn't look chilly or cold to me - probably the wrong time of year!)

 Near the modern town of Beit She'an we passed this cemetery.

Here is a little part of the town (but it isn't very representative - Beit She'an is a larger modern town.)

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