Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Random Animals I almost saw

I am not good at seeing animals and especially not catching them on film. My pictures are always blurry and often I only get the backside. Here is a collection of near misses that I have seen since I have been in Israel.

I actually managed to catch this animal. It isn't very focussed, but you can tell what it is!

I was hoping for a lynx, (This was in the Nature reserve of Gamla) , but I think it is just another domestic feline (but feral!)
Of course we have tons of cats at our Kibbutz. I love the Egyptian Cat quality of the felines here.

Looks like an out of focus sparrow to me, but it is different than the ones with the black bibs. 

This one was outside my window (I was trying to catch the hummingbird that lives out there, but it is way too fast. (This one isn't slow either).

Obviously I missed this one:

And I've only seen a sign of this one:

And this one scurried across the path in front me and hid - but this is waht I could see: (I'm thinking about a 4" spider.) I think it might have been a wolf spider.

This one couldn't out run me - we caught him in a stone bucket on site:

I was told that this was a fox.

And this is a jackal.

They look a lot alike, but this one was bigger.

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