Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Arrival at the Kibbutz

So we rented a car (which took more than an hour even though my friend already had reservations and only had to pick it up.)  Then we headed out onto the road north. Onthe way I got to see some of Israel and its landscape.  We also drove past the West bank with its picturesque minarets and mosques.

Here you can see a guard tower on the wall between the two areas.

I htought this was a particularly pretty Mosque with its wavy row of windows.

It got darker and darker as we drove. By the time we ht the sea of Galilee, the sun was down. (You can't really see it in the picture below, but it is there between the two mountains.

I am staying at Kibbutz Kefar Szold in Northern Israel (not too far from Akko).  Here are a few shots of my room.

The room has air conditioning and a little kitchen.

I arrived at night, but the next day I was astounded by the beauty of the gardens and how many flowers there were.

We have a lovely breakfast buffet in the mornings (often with Tuna fish). It is a dairy kitchen, so we get things like halvah, cereal, french toast and cheese spreads.  The Israelis seem to love instant coffee - something I haven't quite accustomed myself to, but otherwise it feels a lot like home.

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