Friday, 23 June 2017

Interrmezzo - Random pictures from the last day of on site

So the time for sandbagging and filling has come. I confess, my back isn't really strong enough for the sustained strain placed on it by bagging sand and bucket brigade sand bag lines, so I had to take some time out and work only intermittently.  Here none the less are a few photos I took of the process and generally interesting things on that particular day. Here for example is sunrise over our excavation site.

Here is my supervisor talking to another square supervisor.

This is one of the instructors talking to our square supervisor.

The prior day we were preparing for aerial photos, so I was given a threshhold to clean up. I see a big difference, but most people will probably not be able to notice all the hard work that went into cleaning the dust and dirt off of this little meter of earth. Here is before:

 And this is after - I wish I had captured this at the same angle and same time of day! You can see for example, that the foundation stones are now visible and perhaps you'll notice theat a lot of the detritus and loose gravel are no longer lying aorund haphazardly.

 The site was successfully sand bagged and filled with dirt.

Back at the Kibbuts I saw this Very Kildeer-like bird - but I have not been able to identify it.

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