Monday, 13 August 2012

Stitches Midwest 2012 First Day of Class - August 9

You've already seen our beautiful hotel room, so I thought I'd fill you in on our first day at Stitches. My sister arrived at the airport mid-morning and then we headed off for lunch at a wonderful barbecue place called Sweet Baby Ray's we found in Elk Grove on the way to the hotel from the airport.


I was very pleased, because I was able to find low carb food there - a wonderful brisket and a delicious salad. (Sugar is a main component of barbecue sauce, so low carb can be difficult at these types of establishments. Luckily some places focus on smoking as well as the use of sweet sauces.)

After lunch we checked into the room and then prepared for class.  Our first class was Bead Knitting Sampler on how to knit with beads by Betsy Hershberg.

Those funny shaped things in the foregraound are decorations for the room. We never did quite figure them out. Anyway, I recommend Betsy's classes.  As a teadher I was thrilled to hear her give credit to her teacher Lily Chin. She is a no nonsense person, but very kind and creative in a systematic way. Her course description was entirely accurate and we had enough time to do what was planned.

Betsy was a delight and we ended up coming out of the class better informed and...

... with cute little samplers and knowing nine different ways to add beads (and paillettes) to our knitting. Here are our finished products for the class.

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