Friday, 10 August 2012

Renaissance Hotel in Schaumburg

I met my sister at the O'Hare airport and through a series of lucky fortuitous circumstances we were able to check in and get a fantastic room on the top floor the Renaissance Marriott Hotel. This was great because we were both very tired and I was (of course) overloaded with stuff.  Here is a view of our beautiful suite.

We have two really cool semi-circular couches and speculate that this must be a conference room generally and that the bed probably folds up into the cubby hole in the wall.

This is the Goldenrod room and although I am allergic to goldenrod, I get a very happy feeling every time I enter the room (and so far no sneezing.)

Look, we even have books!

The second couch is between the far wall and the bed. There is a square-shaded lamp on the desk and some nature photographs on the far left wall.

We also have a kitchen

and dressing room as well as a sink room and the bath (which is a third distinct enclosure.)

 I especially like this vase lamp near the entry way.

 The view out the window is wonderful!

You can even see the downtown skyline.

 The view at night is also spectacular.

It feels great to be surrounded by such beauty! Since I designed my own living room in gold and blue, you can understand why I might really like this decor! I'm thinking of redoing the style now though! (wink.)

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