Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Off to Chicago!

Well, I got up very early this morning and headed for Chicago. Now it's 4:00 and I'm so sleepy that I think I'll have to go to bed! There wasn't too much of interest on this trip. I passed the Kalahari Waterpark which is known advertised as an authentic African theme-based park. Other than the fact that they have chosen to m=name a waterpark after an area most famous for its desert, I guess I would be more impressed if there were more flamingos and fewer elephants, but since I pass it every year, I have begin to think of it as pretty normal. 

Then there is the Humbird Cheese Mart. You'd think they would have a hummingbird on their logo, but all this time I thought their symbol was a kangaroo. Well, I guess not. It's a horribly fat and misshapen rodent. Do you think it got that way from eating all that bird cheese?

When I stopped to get gas I ran into this:

(Actually I almost did run into it. He decided to turn left in front of me while I tried to get to the gas station.) He looks a bit worried, doesn't he?!


I was able to check in to my hotel room shortly after 2:00. I'm at the Jameson Suites in Arlington Heights.  The manager was very nice and the rooms are comfy and clean.

Well, I guess I'll try to start my homework for knitting class and then maybe go to bed. It's closing in on 5 PM - at least the afternoon is over! I guess I'll be up at 3 AM - maybe there will be something good on Show Time!

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