Saturday, 25 August 2012

Miscellaneous Activities

Today I don't feel so well. We've had three solid days of meetings and I was really looking forward to having some fun today, but it just wasn't meant to be. Basically I sat and watched tv and tried to keep my stomach calm. This blog is comprised of a variety of small activities that I have done intermittently over the last week or so.

I'm thinking a lot about my Renaissance festival costume. I have the base, but still need a wide assortment of pieces to complete the look. I've been doing some reading and had no idea there were so many decisions to make about sleeves, undersleeves, shifts, petticoats, farthingales, etc.  I have made a decision about my frontpiece and sleeves. Here is the fabric I have bought.

Now I need to decide how many underskirts. I am seriously considering putting my farthingale hoops directly into my chemise because who needs to be wearing four skirts in mid August!? In fact I'm thinking of just using a so-called bum roll for now and doing away with the hoops altogether. Somehow I just don't see how you can maneuver the farthingale in a porto-potty!

So, while I'm trying to commit to a decision, I started lace for my sleeves (which I can't make my mind up about either!! -Slashed? Cuttes? turned up? etc.)

I realize lace at the time was not knitted, but this is something I can do in my spare time, so I decided to go for it. (The picture should be just about accurate size-wise).

Then there's the carrot. I had to make chicken soup because my tummy has been acting up. I was fascinated by our carrots (which had evidently been in the fridge longer than I thought.)

It's beautiful in an odd and pathetic sort of way!

My mindless knitting has been a knit one below afghan using the techniques I learned from Elise Duvekot. I goofed and had to do a square between two other squares and decided the seam looked really bad. Of course I decided to rip it out and do it over. Can you tell which is which?

Here's a detail so you can see it better. I just didn't join the left squares to each other very well.


So after watching most of a season of In Treatment and knitting, here is what i have (each square is roughly 4 inches square). Of course this attempt to use up yarn has lead me to order more on-line so that I can actually do something useful with this.

This attempt to use up my stash just never seems to work!

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