Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Done! (well almost)!

I've got all the tiles up on the ceiling (mostly) -

...but now I have this problem because I caulked between some of the irregular gaps and it looks smudgy.

At the bottom right you  can see some of that smudginess. Unfortunately this occurs all over. I guess I am going to have to paint. Yuck!

I put up some molding and and moved some furniture around (and as you can see it made the cat happy - he commandeered the orange chair right away. )

... However there are problems. If you zoom in on the duct, you'll see gaps. I'm not sure how to work around the cables that they pinned to the ceiling.

Then there is this other problem. I ran out of time before leaving for my trip to Chicago, so I just tacked some leftover tiles up willy-nilly. Do you think I'll have to redo them?

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