Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Saturday Evening - Stitches Midwest 2012

After a long day of classes it was nice to be able to go back up to the room and not have a long evening of fashion show and banquet. The banquet is fun, but sometimes it is nice to just sit back and relax. We did however decide to check out the line into the fashion show so that we could see what the other students had been up to.

There were quite a few lovely things, but what really struck me was a piece by someone I have been meeting at Stitches for several years.

You may remember  my blog on Roberta's beautiful coat from 2 years ago. Every year she manages to come up with something amazing (usually knitting without a pattern creating straight from her head.) This year she had outdone herself with a gorgeous knitted kimono with a Chinese dragon across the back.

The colors are so rich and saturated and the piece is fabulous from any side.

Here is closer shot of the dragon's head.

I am happy to report that Roberta won the grand prize. Someone else yarn bombed her car (and the husband built an armature for displaying the piece. I'd have loved to have seen that!) 

Naturally there is one other feature of the student fashion show that makes it exciting and that is seeing what fantastic costume Lily Chin knits to show up in. Here she is in this year's piece!

 Franciscan toe nail polish!!  I bet that is hard to find, maybe I could make a bundle on producing some (although I bet it is a limited market!)

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