Friday, 3 August 2012

For Mature Audiences?

In my garden, I have a not so great reproduction of the sculpture "Winter" (only since it is a reproduction for the pretentious and is originally French in origin, it is actually called "Hiver"). As someone from a warmer climate, I really enjoy looking out my window on a December morning to see this sad figure hunched over amidst the snow covered remnants of the dried up dahlias and chrysanthemums. She is an older looking figure. Her head is cloaked and she looks cold and elderly and she is certainly not sexual. At least I didn't think she was, but as I passed by her this morning in the garden, I noticed something pendulous hanging from her nether regions.


I'd never noticed before that she was trans-gendered, and at the risk of indelicacy, I decided to take a closer look.     It seems I was wrong.

I think maybe it was a questions of being trans-specied.   Clearly this young one wished to return to the womb, (or the egg?) or maybe it was just one of those long nights after which one awakens and doesn't know where one is.

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