Thursday, 17 September 2009

Stitches fashion Show Part 2

Continuing with the post on the Stitches Midwest Fashion show, here are some more images. This is the Calliope sweater by Jolene Treace. It is a very pretty lacy top with a scalloped lower edge.

Francine Ruiter designed this Cable Knit tunic for Rovings.

This dramatic piece is the Peacock's Best Vest designed by Diane Zangl for South West Trading Company in their Vespera yarn.

You can get a better sense of this garment on ravelry:

I believe this is Shadowed Diamonds designed by Rick Mondragon for the Stitches West Opening Day Challenge. It will be found in the upcoming Knitters Fall 2009 issue.

This is Fruit of the Vine by Valerie Martinuson in Malabrigo's Aquarella, I think.

Unfortunately this is a really blurry photo, but this is acute little Kangaroo vest by Barry Klein, so named because of the big pockets that hang down from the panels in the front.

This, I think, is the Step pullover by Austermann.

I think this is one of the more stunning pieces of the show, but probably would have done it in different colors. I like the lines.

The piece below is Da Capo (from the Yarn Barn) designed by Hanne Falkenberg.

The Rosalie Jacket by Beth Humphreys of Knit 3 Together was next.

This is the Tokyo Topper jacket by Carol Scott in the Interlacement yarn Tokyo.

I'm SO sorry I don't have a better shot of this next one. It is called the Ginko and Lotus Jacket designed by Carol Sunday in Brigadoon 5 ply. It was a stunning jacket with lovely motives of gingko leaves running down the front. For a better view and details check out

This image is from Carol Sunday's website listed above. You can see the detail better. The kit is on sale at the web site too.

This is a drop stitch jacket designed by Jane Slicer-Smith. This was also quite an impressive piece and one that I hope to make some time this year!

The drop stitches give flattering vertical lines to the cardigan. I think the one below is the Wildflower jacket by Margaret Fisher for Ellen's Half Pint Farm.

The Obi Jacket was designed by Liz Tekus using a variety of fibers.

Here is a view of the back.

Laura Bryant designed the Technicolor jacket below. The image does not show the creative use of Prism Merino Mia yarn very well at all.

The next one is another one of my favorites. It is the Halo Kimono designed by Lijuan Jing.

This one is easier to see at

She used a couple of Jojoland yarns - Rhythm and Baritone. The pattern is stunning!

The name of this next piece is the Gossamer dress and it truly floated as the model walked down the runway. Lang Yarns' Design team created it using their Alpaca superlight.

This was a very popular item in the show. Don't forget to look at the socks. These boxer shorts were designed by Skacel.

Next was the Callie shawl designed Nathalie O'Shea in Zealana Rimu

South West Trading Company really scored this year. Here is their Mariposa in Yin Yang.

They also sponsored this Retro Wrap by Joan Somerville in South West Trading Company's Tranquility.

The final design in this post is the Diamond and Teardrop cape by Deanna Van Assche in Interlacement Yarns.

Stay tuned for part 3!!

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